Community Magnet

BETA v. 1.00

Let's bring people together for strong and beatiful communities!


This platform is created to make it very easy and useful for people in the field of community building to connect, meet, discuss and learn from each other.

Are you

  • -          initiative?
  • -          interested in learning from others?
  • -          dreaming of a better world?
  • -          willing to help others? 

Then here you find

  • -          inspiration
  • -          partners
  • -          knowledge 
  • -          support


We know that community building is a broad topic, but our definition is very down to earth: if your work involves getting people together, then this page is something for you! You might work for an organization, but it could also be that you have a wish to get your neighbors to talk to each other. On this page you’ll find stories from other people that can inspire your own work. You can find tools that can help you reach your goals, you can find likeminded people to discuss with and you may find future partners where you can exchange skills.